All major cities throughout the US are increasingly experiencing a shortage of parking spaces. With more automobiles hitting the roads each year, there is a growing need to make the best out of the available space. This scenario calls for the latest technological solutions that would help manage parking lots and spaces better. There are several solutions available today, that would bring about a smart system which not only enables the best use of space, but makes the process of managing and monitoring, a much faster and right operation. Here’s a look into what such systems can offer, and what to look for in a manufacturer of parking equipment.

Parking Box

These are parking equipment that can be placed in some places with a great effect. They are made of solid stainless steel cabinets and come with multi point locks. Parking boxes accept payment in bills, coins, credit cards, debit cards, smart cards, gift cards, and coupons. Look for parking equipment manufacturers who offer such products to automate your parking space management. There are some parking equipment that offer 247 remote monitoring and reporting, and this would help you manage the systems, without actually being physically in front of them. It would be better to opt for a system that comes with anti-tampering sensors and cameras.

Gate Systems

Barrier gait systems find great use at toll booths and entry and exit areas of industries or any other place where there is a need to regulate the access. While looking for a manufacturer of gate systems, it would become important to search for one whose products are CSA certified. The ones of the latest technology have reverse sensing circuits, which causes the gate to reverse if it comes in contact with an object. Such a system would be perfect for toll collection booths as well as entry and exits to building complexes, shopping malls, etc. These systems can usually support gates of 3m to 4m in length. However, a good manufacturer would be in a place to give systems that can support a gate arm of up to 6m of length.

Support from the Manufacturer

No matter how good a parking system is, it wouldn’t give much use if you find it very difficult to run and manage it. Hence an ideal manufacturer of parking systems would provide a user-friendly software solution that would bring about a smooth and easy maintenance and management of these systems. An ideal software solution would be one that you could install on your PC, phone, or other mobile devices and access your account and parking systems from anywhere, and at any time. Without such a management console, it would be quite time-consuming to manage multiple systems.